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Farms. Food. Future.

Farms. Food. Future. looks at the big issues facing farmers in the developing world and what needs to be done to wipe out global hunger while dealing with the climate Crisis. It’s brought to you by the UN’s International Fund for Agricultural Development and presented by Brian Thomson.

May 29, 2023

We’re turning the spotlight on the Near East and North Africa to look at one of the major issues facing the region – water scarcity. With the UN’s climate summit later this year – COP28 – taking place in the United Arab Emirates – water scarcity and food security are top of the agenda. In the podcast we’ll be talking to IFAD’s regional lead Dina Saleh. After that we’ll be visiting projects dealing directly with the issues around water scarcity and food security in Egypt and also in Jordan. Also we’ll find out why some of the biggest names in Italian football are getting behind IFAD’s work.

Also how to produce affordable, high-quality protein feed and organic fertilizers with insects. Then Dr. Colin Zhu, medical professional, chef and nutritionist talks about the link of organic farming to better health. Plus we hear about non-GMO hybrid potato crops from Dutch company Solynta.

This is Farms.Food.Future – a podcast that's Good for You, Good for the Planet and Good for Farmers brought to you by the International Fund for Agricultural Development.

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